List of Gods

Deities of the wood elves in Eredron Forest, and the Faewoods:

Andruil, Great Hunter and Sky, husband of Mythal;
Mythal, the Protector, wife of Andruil;
Ghilna’in, Beasts and Land;
Sylaise, Plants and Health,
June, Crafting and Secrets, sister to Kearele;
Kearele, Beauty and Magic, sister to June.
Their symbol is a dingir.
Falon’din, Travel and Death.

Deities of Telyre, Telara:

God Emperor Talinar, deity of sky, earth, good, civilization, just war, prosperity, strength, devotion, protection, light, honor and justice. First emperor of Telaira, ascended to godhood after battling Sorbaxos’s avatar to the death, then vanquishing him in the afterlife from the High Seat, ending a dark age and freeing the rest of the gods from his tyranny, taking on the duties of the three gods slain by Sorbaxos and allowing the world to prosper under the rule of his mortal heirs; Emperor Talinar XIV, according to Telyre, and Kaiser Corwin III according to Telara. His symbol is that of the emperor, a golden crown.
God Queen Felith, deity of beauty, marriage, fertility, widows, mourning, mercy, redemption, healing, wisdom. Widow of Markan. Mother of Silas, Sealt and Farn. Wife of Talinar. She convinced Talinar to jail Sorbaxos rather than kill him. Her symbol is a black rose.
Sorbaxos, deity of destruction, false war, trickery, injustice. He usurped Markan, slaying him , Fealt, and Krein, ruling over the world for millennia, causing the horrible tyrants that ruled the world before Talinar. Husband of Sielel. Father of Seral, Marinoth. His symbol is a dragon’s eye.
Silas, deity of the wronged, poor, unfortunate, and forgotten. Son of Markan and Felith, he was cast into the same prison as Sorbaxos. His symbol is three iron bars.
Sielel, deity of sea, trade, communications, travel and trust. Wife of Sorbaxos. Mother of Seral and Marinoth. She was tricked into letting Sorbaxos into the High Seat, where he usurped heaven, and took her against her will as wife. Her symbol is a coin.
Seral, deity of plague, famine, bastards and treachery. Daughter of Sielel and Sorbaxos. Sister of Marinoth. Her symbol is a rat’s tail.
Marinoth, deity of storm, discord, and rebellion. Son of Sielel and Sorbaxos. Brother of Seral. His symbol is a wave.
Sealt, deity of study, thought, secrets and the arcane. Son of Markan and Felith. Brother of Silas and Farn. His symbol is an open eye.
Farn, deity of food, hunt and harvest. Son of Markan and Felith. Brother of Silas and Sealt. His symbol is an an apple.
Markan, The Dead Father, dead deity of the past and dead ends. Father of Silas, Sealt and Farn. Former husband of Felith. His symbol is a broken circle.
Fealt, The Failed Protector, dead deity of failure, disappointment. Guardian of the afterlife.
Krein, The Failed Preserver, dead deity of preservation. Keeper of the dead.

Other Deities:

Atoath, deity of rebirth. One of the three chief deities of Emder. His symbol is a golden pheonix.

List of Gods

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